Overview About Dread Scott’s Art


Dread Scott, who is an activist and artist. Here is my experience when I went to view his performance piece that is named as more art. The silence at the time of start was something that I cannot forget till now. When Scott turned around, he was about to advance, and the crowd went forward due to anticipation. It was the time when the firefighters prepared to unleash water towards Scott, and the world held its breath for the next few seconds. This particular piece of art was turned down at many places due to various reasons, and it was told as a health hazard and also it had the ability to create structural damage.

There was a search for the perfect setting to stage the art and finally Manhattan Bridge came to the view. Finally, the talks with Dumbo bid went successfully as they understood the importance of this piece. Scott started to realize the dream. Dread Scott’s idea was to bring the attention to hot topic i.e. scottartthe oppression against the black people and various systematic power abuses. This is a recent injustice that caused waves all over the country.

The vision of making the place better was detailed in the more art. This show had a scene where Scott was prepared to face the stream of water from the high-pressured fire hose as a symbolic representation of a single man daring to oppose the injustices that were prevalent and advocated equal rights for the people. This was the scene that was the highlight, and after the silence, the response provided by the crowd was noteworthy. Though many people in the crowd were not attracted by the play earlier as many were texting in their mobiles and some others were busy chatting, the instant when water started to flow, all the attention was diverted towards Scott.

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